Bleaching and toning at Papers salon!

many people are afraid to bleach their hair due to breakage and damage. However, if the bleaching process is done right, your hair shouldn’t be breaking off and feel like rubber! Instead, it should feel like regular hair that has been lifted lighter. Of course, a little extra home care is needed to keep regain its moisture, but time will heal if you put in the effort!

This little effort only requires you to use treatment and heat protecting product for your hair. Personally, I use a treatment in replace of a conditioner now. My hair feels silky and normal  (keep in mind, i have bleached my hair 5 times- going from blonde to silver back to beige and now brown and had it permed twice)

Your hair should be examined properly before going ahead plopping bleach all over your hair.

at PAPERS, we make sure we put BONDPLEX in our bleach. This helps minimize damage, leaving the hair still strong and healthy.

Most natural asian hair colours are quite dark. To achieve a blonde colour that lasts, it requires a lot more work than you can imagine. Patience is KEY, lifting the hair as fast as you can does not mean faster and better results. It only causes unwanted stress to the hair causing it to break.

Going from black to blonde in a day is possible, but be prepared to be in the chair for 7-8 hrs. In japan the strength of the developers are also weaker than what we have available in Canada. Going from black to blonde make take a couple of sessions to the salon instead!

Yes it sounds VERY long, VERY tiring to be sitting in the chair for a long time. But trust us and the process.

Black hair needs to lift past the orange and golden phases! The is main result is to be able to keep beautiful blonde hair, not brassy orange hair.  Once it passes the orange and gold phase, the at-home maintenance for you becomes easier! Just using purple shampoo and treatment as your new staple and you’re good to go!












First photo is after bleaching, second photo is after toning.

Toning it darker with a violet one will help the blond fade out better, less brassy and yellow!


Have a wonderful week!