In my home country, it is so rare to see someone on the street with their hair properly done up and styled. We are all use to the relax and chilled style that it is even stylish to have bed head.

If we were to style or do a nice up-do to our hair, it feels like we are going out to a nice event/dinner/date/party etc. Here in Japan everyone is very fashionable and stylish. Their hair are always styled and done up, even if its just to go to a meeting or grocery shopping.

I admire their efforts to always look nice/ professional everyday! It always changes their outlook and attitude during work too.. if you look and feel good on the outside, you also feel good about yourself in the inside =) of course you can feel good about yourself even if you don’t want to style your hair everyday, haha. Just an extra bonus for yourself!

there are many people who try to change how they look, change their style and even do surgery. Why not? Live the way you’ve always wanted to live and be happy.  judging a book by its cover is normal, we all do that naturally but you don’t have to blame yourself, its in our natural instincts. Just depends on how you want to approach it afterwards.

Without getting too deep, I want to finish off by saying how styling your hair can be fun for a mood changer!

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